Participant Quotes From Past RMPBB Seminars

MPBB Brass Quintet Seminara success!

The 2009 RMPBB Brass Quintet Seminar has come and gone, and it was truly an amazing experience. We loved working with each and every one of the participants, and we're already planning for next year's seminar.

Here are quotes from ALL 25 of the seminar participants:


"A truly fantastic experience. Faculty was one of a kind - a "dream team" of fantastic musicians and human beings. One of the greatest experiences of my life!"

- Gabe Colby, 20, Brass Roots Quintet, Peabody Conservatory


"The faculty's level of playing, along with their craft, inspired me to hold myself to a higher standard."

- Sarah Barbash-Riley, 19, Indiana University


"The seminar really opened my ears to what makes fine playing. I loved receiving multiple opinions on playing and our interpretation of the pieces. I realized that I am not critiquing myself enough. I had a fantastic time. I would come back to the seminar next year in a heartbeat."

- Vince Gover, 17, River Hill High School, MD


"The RMPBB Brass Quintet Seminar possesses and environment where becoming a better and more diverse musician is the focus. The faculty guide the students in the right direction. You don't know how to play in a quintet until you've been to the RMPBB Brass Quintet Seminar!"

- Tyler Schwirian, 18, Spring Ford High School, PA


"I really enjoyed working with all of the faculty. They were all very impressive and helpful."

- Caroline Lewis, 16, Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, PA


"This seminar was the next big step in my life."

- Michael Gray, 15, Manheim Township High School, PA


"The RMPBB Seminar was an inspirational experience I'll never forget!"

- Scott Nadelson, 21, Brass Roots Quintet, Peabody Conservatory


"The RMPBB BQ Seminar was my first brass quintet playing experience, and it proved to be very positive! I learned better overall ensemble musicality, critiquing, playing techniques, and marketing. Easily one of the most positive and enriching musical experiences of my life!"

- Devin Doherty, 19, Millersville University, PA


"I had a great experience at the seminar; I learned a lot from our coaching sessions and I think our group improved significantly."

- Haim Mazar, 23, Brass Roots Quintet, Peabody Conservatory


"The RMPBB Brass Quintet Seminar was really my first exposure to chamber music. I learned how to lead a group as well as how to blend into a group. I feel like the leadership that I learned will carry over into other aspects of my life, as well as the new relationships which I will carry with me. Over all, the seminar was a fantastic experience."

- Bennet Hickok, 16, Strath Haven High School, PA


"It's often difficult to learn how to play in a chamber ensemble, simply by lack of exposure; it seems that in schools, there is a much greater emphasis on playing in an orchestra and concert band, or playing solo. I learned more about balancing, listening, and phrasing in a small ensemble in one week of the RMPBB quintet seminar than I have had the opportunity to in four years of high school."

- Molly Flanagan, 18, Plymouth Whitemarsh High School, PA


"The RMPBB Brass Quintet Seminar is an experience that every brass player looking to pursue music professionally need to be a part of. Amazing faculty. Almost every night I found myself practicing after I got home because of how motivated and inspired this experience was for me."

- Joe Hughes, 21, Brass Roots Quintet, Peabody Conservatory


"The RMPBB Seminar taught me a lot and I came away with a meaningful experience!"

- Dan Meeker, 21 Celestial Brass, Millersville University


"The RMPBB Brass Quintet Seminar was one of the most positive, enriching, and fun weeks of my life and young musical career. Amazing faculty, facilities, and Wynton Marsalis!"

- John Ehrenburg, 20, Brass Roots Quintet, Peabody Conservatory


"The RMPBB Seminar was a great opportunity that offers much from great artists to both high school and college musicians. I gained much in quintet playing, such as blending the aspects of sound, and just getting to know the rest of my quintet members better. Also, I individually learned a lot. I not only can say that I want to attend next year's seminar, I plan and EXPECT to attend it!"

- Nate Petley, 19, Celestial Brass, Millersville University


"I had a great time; it was one of the best weeks of my life. I will make it a priority to come back next year."

- Seth Rawleigh, 17, Lampeter Strasburg High School, PA


"The RMPBB Seminar was both a challenging and fun experience. The faculty were great!"

- Tommy Rieger, 20, Celestial Brass, Millersville University


"The masterclasses provided an amazing learning experience, as well as all of the awesome coaches we had throughout the week. I would love to do it again next year!"

- Caleb Ocker, 19, Temple University


"I was "scared" at first after hearing my peers, but I eventually got past it. I realized there is more to playing music than just the notes. I would greatly enjoy doing this again next year."

- Donté Ford, 16, Girard Academic Music Program, PA


"The entire week was fantastic! Having the opportunity to work with musicians, teachers, and colleagues of this caliber has been amazing."

- Dan Stauffer, 23, Celestial Brass, Millersville University


"The RMPBB Seminar taught us about the fundamentals of playing in an ensemble, and how to better ourselves."

- Michael Clark, 18, Temple University


"This life-changing seminar changed the way I look at music and how to approach it. The faculty was great!"

- Nathaniel Eshleman, 17, Boyertown High School, PA


"This week was great - I wish it could have lasted a month!"

- Jake Rondinaro, 17, Upper Dublin High School, PA


"The faculty and guest artists were very helpful and informative. The entire experience made me push myself to a higher level."

- Devante Evans, 16, Girard Academic Music Program, PA


"The RMPBB Brass Quintet Seminar was a life-changing experience that will stick with me forever!"

- John Maurer, 18, Celestial Brass, Millersville University